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  Email 2 SMS
Send SMS directly from your email client.

By using your email address to generate SMS you can simply send SMS from your existing mail client or business systems.

You can easily configure your SMS account for Email to SMS in our web messaging platform.

Email to SMS

✔ Send SMS directly from your email client or business application
✔ No logging in required
✔ Receive replies straight to your email inbox

Example send a message to number 04xxxxxxxx:

To:04xxxxxxxxat latoi.com

Subject: Hello

Body: How are you?

Mobile 04xxxxxxxxx will get message: How are you?

Note: You have to send from your email account.

Use email SMS to add text messaging easily to your online application.

There are lots of places that email is used to send out important information. The problem with email is that it is easily lost or ignored. With SMS you will get your message in front of the recipient immediately wherever they are. Some of the type of comms. that benefit are:

CRM or sales follow ups
Billing reminders
IT alert systems
E -commerce systems
Consignment delivery notifications
Repair or service completion

Visit our SMS Gateway System now!

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